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Letter to the Human race ( English )

July 2, 2011

It’s many times that I have crossed
The river of all shadow tears,
Perhaps this is, where I have lost
The battle, to my haunting fears.
For, once I’ve hoped all Me will be
Would ever cancel all there was,
Forgotten I, the contract’s clause
My signature on destiny.
It’s many times I heard:” Defeat!!”
Sweet sound they blow, retreating horns,
And down I cast my Crown of Thorns
“For now “, relieved “my doubts retreat”.
For, once was proud I would out find
That I share blood with humankind,
Now doubts are forcing me, prevail
Could I expect, ever to fail
In knowing me?
And so I wrote:
Awaken shall you, that I pray
Dispel away the cursed veil
Come, see, it’s Gaia that you slay.
What is this world that you have made,
Honor forgotten, love impaled,
Outside all shiny, in decayed,
Growing to weak to ask for aid.
Tell how can I, could make you see
And listen, when truth speaks to thee
As it reveals itself, in tree
Or river, like the old Yangtze. . .
For thou art blind and deaf to me….!!!
When you have finished “Business” here
Then you have killed all that is dear
To you and me. . .
All that has been will be no more
The same, for all that is and could
All gone but One, no, Two,
The First and Last
The Last and First
Ashes. . . God. . .
© Cantemir Cosnean
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